Travel Guide to Semuliki National Park Uganda

Enjoy A Wildlife Safaris Tour in Semliki National Park

Wildlife Safaris in Uganda-Semliki National Park

A Wildlife Safaris Authentic guide to Semliki  National Park about getting there, attractions, What to Dowhere to stay, map, tour operators. Enjoy our tailor made safari packages to this amazing National Park in Uganda so as to experience unique birding safaris, wildlife safaris, hiking adventures, cultural encounters in Semliki  National Park.

Wildlife safaris in Uganda are the most prominent activity that has attracted numerous tourists from around the globe to visit the country’s tourist attractions. On these safaris you expect to spot many different wild animals like elephants, kobs, topis, waterbucks, buffalo etc. However, the female and male hot springs in the park are the main reason as to why the park is prominently known.

Facts About the Park

  • Semliki National Park is located in the remote western end of Uganda in Bundibugyo district
  • It lies along the Uganda/Democratic Republic of Congo border within the western arm of the East African Rift Valley
  • It borders mt. Rwenzori in the southeast,DR Congo in the West, Semliki Flats & Lake Albert in the North.
  • Semliki extends across the floor of the Semuliki valley
  • It has one of Africa’s most ancient and bio-diversity forests that survived the last ice age.
  • It has diverse flora and fauna species as compared to many countries in Africa.
  • It is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.
  • Also referred to as the distant version of the Congo river, the park consists of ancient processes that led to the formation of the male and female hot springs.
  • It comprises of various bird and animal species i.e the Congo Serpent Eagle, Long-tailed Hawk, Nkulengu Rail, Black-wattled Hornbill and Lyre-tailed Honey guide

Wildlife Tours-Travel East Africa in Style

Other than transferring to Semliki National park for amazing wildlife safaris in Uganda, one can also transfer to Tanzania’s Serengeti National park and Kenya’s Masai Mara National park to experience the Great Wildebeest migration.

You will spot more than a million wildebeest, zebra, eland, impala crossing from the prominent Serengeti national Park in Tanzania to Masai Mara in Kenya in search of green pastures to graze on. You will also spot various Big Cats like the lions, Leopards, Jaguars, cheetahs etc waiting to have a catch within the herds. The young ones in the herd are more vulnerable.

Birding in Semliki

Visit Semliki National Park one of Uganda’s birding paradises to encounter various species of birds flying from one destination to another. This will leave you wanting more adventure in the forests.

Wildlife Game Drive

Game drives are one of Semliki National Park’s wonderful experiences with wildlife animals. The park inhabits many different unique species of wildlife that are not found in any other park.

Culture & Hot Springs

Semliki National Park is suitably located near Fort Portal town surrounded by very beautiful green vegetation as well as forests. All travelers here get exceptional views of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Accommodation in Semliki

Are you traveling to Semliki National Park for a safari vacation, book and stay in some of the accommodation we offer so as to enjoy every bit of your safari adventure in Uganda.

Wildlife Safaris-Chimpanzee Tracking Uganda

Chimpanzee Safaris Uganda

Chimpanzee tracking is such an exceptional activity for every traveler to take part in while in Uganda especially if they have the chance/ opportunity to track these in their thick forest habitat. At Semliki National Park, this has recently been opened for all tourists that wish to have an exceptional encounter with the primates. These are habituated to make them approachable by humans  as well as conserved for future generations. These are fully habituated at the Toro Semliki Wildlife which is a conserved area part of the entire Semliki National Park.

They are watched/ followed through the nest to nest procedure where you can spot and study a certain group/ individual from the time they wake up to go look for food till the time the sun sets when they build their nests to rest/ sleep for the night. These belong to three various groups/ communities in which they socialize and interact with one another under the leadership of one dominant Alpha male and these include; the Mugiri, Nyabaroga and Muzizi chimpanzee communities. All visitors that experience this exceptional activity are required to pay a certain fee in order to spot them and its from this fee that the support provided to ensure the well being of the chimpanzees is deducted. Visit the wonderful park to experience the best of the chimpanzees in the wild.

Carry the Following

Below are some o the gear you should carry while traveling to Semliki national Park for any activity.

  • Hiking boots to enable you trail through the forest with ease despite the fact that sturdy shoes are also very appropriate.
  • Lightweight raincoats to protect/ cover you when it rains.
  • A light jacket/ sweater for evenings.
  • A duffel bag to carry your luggage safe
  • A water proof day pack
  • Wear a money belt to carry your cash as well as other items
  • Pack your ipad, tablet
  • A hat/ cap
  • A camera with no flash

The Sempaya Hot Springs

The Sempaya Hot springs at Semliki National Park offer wonderful encounters to all travelers due to the fact that many carry unboiled eggs as well as plantain and deep them in the vigorous bubbling water to get ready. Amazingly, these get ready/ boiled to be eaten. These have various theories to their existence and the most prominent story known is that told by the Bamaga clan a neighboring tribe/ village to Semliki National Park. These believe that their female ancestors live beneath the female hot spring and male ancestors live under the male hot spring. This is due to their belief that one of the popular men in their clan who was called Biteete disappeared and left a spear around the area where the male hot spring is and when his wife called Nyansimbi went to look for him, she disappeared and her clothes were found in the area around the female hot spring. These access the park in order to perform rituals to make their ancestors happy.